Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kit Kat Cake

You've seen this cake before…all over Pinterest and Instagram. I've been looking for an opportunity to make one, so when a teenager said she didn't mind what cake she got as long as it was chocolate. Well, I needed more than that! Well, she said, her favorite candy bar was a Kit Kat. Bingo!

Inside is a dark chocolate cake with my signature chocolate buttercream. And just for good measure? The filling is chocolate buttercream and M&Ms.

Double Baby Shower

I was asked to do cakes for a double baby shower. Both moms-to-be were expecting boys. One mother couldn't stomach chocolate since becoming pregnant (the things we suffer in order to have children…). Oh, this was gonna be fun!

Stripes was dark chocolate with MMF covering. Polka dots was butter cake, also with MMF. I tried two different methods trying to determine which one was best to setting the dots and stripes. I covered both cakes with white MMF. Dots were then cut out and inserted in the proper color, but a few looked like they might fall out. For the matching plaque, I used blue MMF then pressed the dots on with a rolling pin, making sure not to deform the circles. Same process with the stripes and such. I think I like the pressed and rolled version better but not sure how I would wrap a cake with striped fondant…

Please ignore the cracked fondant on the edges, there…not sure what was going on.

One Big Birthday

I frequently donate my skills to be auctioned for fundraisers. I used to bring an actual cake but find it much more fun to come up with something specific just for them. This was one of those. Made for a first birthday party. Have I mentioned how much I love making cakes for first birthdays? Well, and baby showers. But I really love making smash cakes for the birthday kid.

The mom wanted a giant number one, with building blocks somewhere in the design. Then she brought me a sample of the party supplies. The idea just sort of grew from there.

The cake inside is marbled, one of my most requested. Signature buttercream accents with MMF covering (the red band is also MMF). Smash cake is more of the same and a building block as requested. Letters and  block accents are made from an awesome edible play dough.

Daisy Cake

I've used my Wilton Dancing Daisy pans plenty of times, usually making a white flower. So when I had a request for a flower cake with specific colors, it was the first thing that popped into my head. But I didn't want to make it look like all the others

Inside is dark chocolate cake with my signature buttercream. Yum!

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops

Remember the Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower? Well, that was for her family. Next, we had one for her friends and church members! But I decided to go all crazy and make cake pops for this one. Keep in mind that I had only made cake balls twice at this point…but I found a reader-posted picture on Bakerella's site and went from there.

Not that great, I know. I started with a tear-shaped ball, dipped white first; let it set. Then yellow and blue. The basket is made from a section of Tootsie Roll. I highly recommend poking a hole through these before trying to slide them up the stick. I then use melted chocolate to draw on the ropes and connect the basket to the balloon.

One thing I learned about cake pops…I used a confetti cake (stirred sprinkles into the batter before baking). Because of the browned outside of the baked cake, the rolled balls looked entirely brown, with only bare hints of the sprinkles. Bummer. But lesson learned! Next time, I'll trim off the browned parts.

Definitely not my best work, but it was really fun and tasted amazing!

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

My sweet, sweet friend was having her first baby and I got to be the one to make for shower cake. The theme was hot air balloons. This seems to be a popular theme right now so I had lots of inspiration online. The only problem? I could not use chocolate due to an allergy.

The day of the party was a hot one and unfortunately, my top layer went all lumpy. But it was still very fun to make! Cake was an new recipe for a dense almond butter cake I've been playing with. Frosting clouds are my signature buttercream, then covered in MMF. Hot air balloons are a fantastic edible play dough sculpted on white candy melt base. Banner is not edible; used lollipop sticks.

Cake Pops!

I gave in to peer pressure…and really cute pictures on Pinterest. I've been reading Bakerella's blog for ages but never dared replicate her delightful cake pops - until now.

These were made for a party celebrating a big achievement for one of my favorite people! The colors represent the Young Women's values. The gold color was a bit tricky, since I already had yellow. I dipped the cake balls in white candy melts and then brushed on dry gold luster dust. Wish I had gone with wet luster dust for a better color. But otherwise, it was pretty fun matching the candy melts with the sprinkles I had, which are legion.

I made 40. I should have made more…