Friday, February 15, 2008

Scrumptious Strawberry Cake

This is an amazing Strawberry cake! Even the frosting has pureed strawberries. It is the most popular request when I am invited to dinner and offer to bring something.

Pictured is an 8 inch round cake. For another decorated version, look here. And because this particular cake was made for a birthday party, I had to make a smaller (6 inch) one for the Birthday Boy (who was turning 31):


Kristie said...

Looks very yummy!!! I think I need the recipe for the flourless cake!!!!! (especially since I can't have flour!)

Emma said...

I want to like the computer screen!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will!

Emma said...


Kristin said...

Are your strawberry and flourless chocolate cake recipes top secret or are you willing to share?

Dana said...


I think I need to have you make me one of these. And very soon!