Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A very fudgy cake with milk and dark chocolate frosting.

Why is it called something as weird as Adcoma? Well, when my daughter was younger, she was very excited when Aunt Denise came over for dinner. I would usually make a special dessert and this cake was a favorite of Aunt Denise's. Da Boo started calling it "Aunt Denise Come Over Make A Cake." Hence, ADCOMA Cake.


Emma said...


The Mac's said...

I have to admit I can only check your cake blog every so often. It doesn't do good things for my diet. And by the way my birthday is May 21st and I am placing the order for a strawberries in a basket cake:) looks delicious! You are extremely talented.

Sug9rm@mmy said...

This is a new twist to the traditional ringcake! Your cakes are stunning!!!!