Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elmo Round

I know I totally bucked the trend by not making Elmo's face into the usual oval-ish shape. Considering how I had a very short amount of time to pull this cake off, I think he looks just fine.

The eyes are made from giant jawbreakers. Everything else is cake and buttercream frosting. And yes, I made my own red frosting without completely losing my mind. I think I might be getting the hang of this whole cake thing.


Amber said...

So cute- You're amazing!

nikki said...

I better not let my kids see your cakes - they will be much more demanding. Today Z told me what he wanted on his birthday cake. White frosting, with blue sprinkles, and a blue ring around the edge, middle side and bottom. The number 5, 5 candles, his name and happy birthday! along with 2 optimus primes! I could maybe handle that!

Elsa said...

I have told you ones. And I tell you again!! You are just so cool!!

I am sorry if I my english is a bit bad, but I am 13 years old(seven grade in sweden) and I live in Sweden.

Dustin and Virginia said...

Hi, my husband came across your blog while he was searching for a cake and saw you had did one similar to what I was looking for. Knowing how much I LOVE blogs he sent me to yours. I wanted to say congrat on making red and not loosing your mind. I am a Wilton Instructor and it is one of the BIGGEST problems students have. It is one of the few times that I tell them to buck the trend of using Wilton Products and get some Americolor or Chef Master Red, it seems to work soooo much better and not get bitter. I lreally like your version of the Elmo face, I think the oval sometimes looks weird. LOL