Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rose Cake

I am a huge fan of I Am Baker. Adore her. Worship the spatula she mixes with. Naming my next child after her (which would be huge except that we're done having kids). I am in awe over how she can take a ordinary tip and then produce these amazingly creative cakes. When I first saw her Rose Cake Tutorial, I knew I had to make it but waited for the right recipient. Then one of Boo's friends had a birthday and requested a chocolate cake that was fancy and pretty but mostly chocolate.

While not as perfect as I Am Baker's, it's not too bad and looked rather pretty. I mixed chocolate frosting with pale pink buttercream in the same decorating bag. It took a few tries to get the mix right so the flowers came out like I imagined.

The rose process was easier than it looks - and it looks pretty easy. And if you don't like how a rose turned out? Just go over it again! Next time, I'll make the pink a little darker…the color looked almost ivory when mixed with the chocolate.


Shelly said...

That is gorgeous!!! You have great talent- I have never seen one that looks like this-

Cheryl said...

Jess, you out did yourself! That cake is so pretty! Fabulous job!

Kristin said...

Beautiful! Talent just oozes out of your pores, I swear! I love following this blog.