Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shoe Smash Cake

Made for my shoe-obsessed son. I used a foot cookie cutter and then decorated it to look like a shoe. He demolished it in about five seconds flat. I wonder if he ever realized it was a cake and not a shoe?


Anonymous said...

Lovely cake...the model of the cake look like my favorite josef seibel shoes

Jen said...

So if I want to steal your cute idea for Josh's Bday...I bake a cake & then use a cookie cutter to cut out a shoe shape & then decorate it...don't you have a big crumb problem?

Jessica G. said...

You do what is called a crumb coat. Frost it and don't pay attention to all the crumbs that are getting stuck in the frosting. Let that setup for a bit and then frost over it. Crumbs are covered! Call me if you need more details.