Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have to admit that I was pretty excited when a friend said her son was having a reptile party. Of course he wanted a snake cake. Since Scale and Tails put on the show, I attempted to model the cake after one of their actual snakes: Squish, a Burmese Python. It's not a perfect match, of course. I claim artistic license...cake is art, right?

Originally, I thought I would use a smooth buttercream frosting but decided to use stars instead, hoping it would look more like scales.

Inside, we have Magic cake in vanilla, chocolate, and green. Outside is my signature buttercream frosting. The entire cake is edible. (Missing from this picture is the red forked tongue I added just before delivering.)


{ bRee } said...

That is one awesome cake Jessica! I love the look of the stars to make scales! How did you get the cake shaped like that?

Jessica G. said...

bRee - Two bundt cakes! I carved down one end for the tail and used the trimmings for the head.

Amber said...

That cake is seriously cool. Love it!

Tipi said...

6ft long cake :)