Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Name this Cake

I made a cake for a good friend who was celebrating a big birthday. She didn't really want a decorated cake but maybe something more on the fancy side. We've all seen those cakes in magazine and bakeries that use rolled cookies all around the sides for decoration. I wanted to try one of those.

Inside, there's a dense chocolate cake. The filling is chocolate hazelnut (like a fluffy Nutella spread). Chocolate buttercream covering the cake is almond flavored (because I am addicted and would put that stuff in my cereal if I thought it would make it taste better). The cookies are the Chocolate Hazelnut variety. And, of course, dark chocolate shavings on top (although I think I might go with milk chocolate in the future to give it more of a curl).

On top, I sprinkled a little gold luster dust for some sparkle but I thought it ended up looking more like graham cracker crumbs. Also, I had planned to tie the cake with a gold-edged ribbon but it seemed to fade into the cookies so I opted for burgundy (also because it was the only other wide ribbon I had, besides zebra-striped).

So what do you think? What would you call it?

Cookie Ring doesn't quite fit.
Nuts for Hazelnuts was another suggestion.
Hazelnut Heaven is kinda cute.


Caroline said...

Now THIS cake would really deserve the "Better Than...uh Boys" title :)

I think Hazelnut Heaven sounds great!

Janell said...

This reminds me of a cake that Blue makes, easily known as The Cake. Nothing wrong with being straight forward :)

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

How about Chocolate Decadence? Because that cakes sounds fabulous and decadence is a fancy word. ;o)

Erin said...

How about Almond Hazelnut Delight Cake?

I'm a dork.

Jillybean said...

I like Hazelnut Heaven.

And I am also a big fan of the almond flavoring.

elesa said...

I like Hazelnut Heaven. And that cake looks delicious.

Tipi said...

Have you decided on a name?