Saturday, June 18, 2016

Star Wars Tornado

The problem with getting cake orders through email is that sometimes the full desire doesn't quite come out in the writing. This was one of those. The mother said her son was obsessed with tornados and loved Star Wars. So I designed a Star Wars cake, using his favorite character (storm troopers). It took some back and forth with the mom before I realized he wanted a tornado cake that featured Star Wars. Oooookay. Back to the drawing board!

First attempt at airbrushing on buttercream! Figures are made using fondant or edible playdough, using sprinkles and even raw spaghetti for other details. My good buddy, Kathy, did C-3PO's arm, using yellow playdough and then painting it with gold luster dust. Everything is edible, but the light sabers were made on lollipop sticks.

Here's the cake before I added the props:

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benilhalk said...

Superb Star Wars Tornado cake! Liked this idea a lot. My son is going to turn 10 and he is a huge fan of hulk. I think I should do something like this using hulk theme. Searching for best lofty spaces for birthday celebrations currently.