Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Olaf and Sven

** I've removed the rest of the Frozen cakes because, frankly, I'm sick of my own designs (having made dozens) and would rather make something new. But this one stays. Because I love Sven.

The obligatory Frozen cake. This one was a cookies and cream cake with marshmallow fondant (MMF). This is also my first attempt at using gum paste. While the gum paste snowflakes turned out fantastically wonderful, Olaf was another story. Rolling a smooth ball with fondant? Not a problem. Rolling a smooth ball with gum paste? Not gonna happen. Lesson learned.

Sven is chocolate MMF and, excluding the antlers, entirely edible. Antlers were made using toothpicks as the base, then covered in fondant. I found an awesome tutorial on YouTube that made a reindeer out of polymer clay and adapted it. Olaf is gum paste with some MMF details. He is entirely edible, but biting into him might result in broken teeth. His arms and hair used uncooked spaghetti as the base, then covered in MMF. Snowflakes are gum paste with edible glitter and there are some buttercream accents on the case.

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