Friday, April 4, 2008

Treasure Map

Made for event where the theme was Pirates. I had carte blanche on this one so I had some fun. You can't really read the writing from this picture but I have Mermaid Rocks, Dead Man's Beach and Pirate Cove labeled. Hardest part? Getting those dang crumbs out of the water!

Read the blog post about this cake here.

And here's a smaller version, made with an 8-inch square:

The Birthday Boy's little sister was convinced the water was made from toothpaste. No, it's just tinted piping gel.


Amber said...

That turned out great! Did you end up using gumpaste for the palm trees?

Janell said...

Complete with mermaid. Nice job!

Jessica G. said...

amber - nope. Those are pretzels with buttercream frosting leaves. Just used a stiffer frosting than usual.
janell - Had to have a mermaid because it was for Girls' Camp. Thanks!

SmallOneDay said...

you said you used toothpaste for the water?

Jessica G. said...

No, not toothpaste! I used piping gel. My niece thought I used toothpaste, because of the shade of blue. :)