Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carnival Tent with Popcorn Cupcakes

My friend's daughter wanted a carnival theme cake. No problem.

The tent is made using rounds with a Wilton Wonder Mold on top. The birthday girl is not a big fan of fondant so I frosted the cake in buttercream and used marshmallow fondant only for the details: stripes and curtains.

Now, the cupcakes were my favorite part! Just bake ordinary cupcakes and frost them with white buttercream. Then open a bag of mini marshmallows. Using kitchen shears (or another pair of clean scissors), snip about halfway down the end, turn 90 degrees and snip again, making four nubs. Slightly squoosh the nubs down and then affix to the cupcake. It'll take you 25-30 marshmallows per cupcake so I recommend gang-pressing your eldest child to marshmallow snipping duty. I finished it off with a spray of yellow food coloring. The cupcakes were baked in ordinary wrappers. I used real popcorn bags, trimmed down and wrapped around the cupcakes. You could also use red and white striped liners with popcorn stickers or labels you make yourself.

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Amanda said...

Love all these recent cakes! U ruber talented! I so wish u lived here I would hire u out to make L a trash truck cake here in june!