Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Big Birthday

I frequently donate my skills to be auctioned for fundraisers. I used to bring an actual cake but find it much more fun to come up with something specific just for them. This was one of those. Made for a first birthday party. Have I mentioned how much I love making cakes for first birthdays? Well, and baby showers. But I really love making smash cakes for the birthday kid.

The mom wanted a giant number one, with building blocks somewhere in the design. Then she brought me a sample of the party supplies. The idea just sort of grew from there.

The cake inside is marbled, one of my most requested. Signature buttercream accents with MMF covering (the red band is also MMF). Smash cake is more of the same and a building block as requested. Letters and  block accents are made from an awesome edible play dough.

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