Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Logo Cake

I made this cake for a preschool graduation for my daughter's class, using the preschool' logo as the main design. The kids loved that their names were on it and each one got their "personalized" piece.

I was horribly embarrassed when the teacher announced to everyone that I was a "professional cake decorator" and had made a cake for the evening. If only she knew about the problems I had with that darn thing! I tried using a logo that was about the size of my thumb. Not working so well. I asked the teacher for a larger one when I pick up my daughter from school and she gave me a great one, nearly the size of the entire page. Then it was too hot in my kitchen and the frosting was melting, colors were separating, kids were screaming...oodles of fun. I did not feel very professional at all.

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