Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tribute to Cake Wrecks

While I am utterly terrified that I'll see one of my cakes featured on the site, I still cannot resist Cake Wrecks! A friend was having a deck-warming party and for some reason, we started talking about the Cake Wrecks website. She thought it would be really funny to have a recreation of one of their classics: It a Gril! So of course, I offered to make it.

All mistakes you see are absolutely intentional...no, really! I even thought about setting the second layer on slightly hanging off, just for the full effect.

1 comment:

Good N Crazy said...

I thought it was an honor to be included in cake wrecks?

My dad says that ALL THE TIME.

Oh and Grillas.

As in 'How're your Grillas?"