Monday, January 4, 2010

Very Merry Go Round

Since Baby is essentially a Christmas baby and will hate the lack of year-round gifts for most of her life, I chose a completely seasonal theme for her birthday now, since she won't remember it enough to hate me for it later. And really, what can you do at a party for a one-year-old?

We had a Cookie Swap!

In lieu of gifts, friends were asked to bring 2-3 dozen cookies to share. The invitations were adorable (because I designed them) and were inspired by gingerbread. So I thought it only fitting that the cake should follow suit.

And I will say this: there is a shocking lack of Christmas cookie-themed cakes on the Internet.

Then I found the Very Merry Go Round cake on It was perfect!

But with all those cookies, I didn't think too many people would really want cake so I made it miniature in scale, with the top tier a 4-inch round over a 6-inch round. And what sort of smash cake do you serve with a cake like that? Why, another gingerbread man, of course!

Cakes were dark chocolate with a lovely chocolate buttercream.

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Tipi said...

I rather like the miniature look to the cake. It makes it just the right size to add to a dessert buffet at a Christmas party!