Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eagles Cupcakes

My friend's son recently turned 16. He's a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and she wanted cupcakes for his party so this is what I came up with:

And before I get snotty emails or comments, I am well aware that the Eagles are not affiliated with Dallas. But that happens to be the Birthday Boy's name.  :P

Cupcakes are chocolate with my signature buttercream. Decorations are marshmallow fondant, except for the black and white accents - those are buttercream. I got lucky on this one since I have a shirt-shaped cutter and an oval for the footballs. Ended up hand-cutting the Eagle heads but I really liked how they turned out so they were worth the effort.


Mandy said...

cuuuute! And, I am really impressed by the Eagle heads!!

Anonymous said...

SUMAR SUMANDO...she's RELLY a " piece of cake"...
Ain't she.
Oh sure she is.
Dunno is her " hubby" is into it cause they got that AMILEGST and wtf knows when it comes to HOLLYWOOD and the Q- COW.
But I'll tell something.
They should have thought about it twice be fore they signed on that " dotted" line.
Because now they got not only the STARZ and STARSCON they got the GRADSTARS . And when they got those students like NAT- MATT- YAN- MARTIN- MARC- NICK, those GRADSTARS blew them all away in their NYSSE with NIESSIT- HISSIT- MMISSITT ..and that was their arrogance and ignorane and SYSPUR .
Well, like you say..." ANESUPP "!