Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skylander Portal of Power

All my son can talk about lately is the new game, Skylander Giants. Loves it, adores it, obsesses over it. So when we started to plan his party, the cake idea seemed only natural: I would make him a Portal of Power. This is a big part of Skylanders. Players place a figure on the Portal and that becomes their character in the game. And it just looks cool.

I used 8-inch rounds of chocolate chocolate chip cake, frosted with dark chocolate buttercream. The top white portion is made from marshmallow fondant (although I really should have paid more attention to the game play because it's really only white when the game is off; otherwise, it constantly changes color).

The rock walls are chocolate clay. I was really happy with how easy it was to make the rocks from chocolate clay. I've only ever made roses with this stuff before, so I made sure to make the recipe a little stiffer so it wouldn't slump. It worked beautifully and tasted like fudge. Also, it was still easy to detail so it had the right textures and symbols.

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Anonymous said...

Would you consider sharing your chocolate clay recipe, please? Sounds great. -- Carolyn