Friday, August 22, 2014

Petal Cake with Baby Hippo

Make this one for an adorable mom-to-be who was having a zoo themed shower (she absolutely adores hippos). The nursery colors were pale turquoise and grey.

It turned out so great. I'd seen the petal method (also called pulled dot) and thought it looked so fun. And it was very easy!

Cupcakes are frosted with buttercream and then I added a marshmallow fondant animals cutout. This project also got me addicted to finding mini cookie cutters in cute shapes. I have far too many now and yet I keep finding more!

My first attempt at the hippo ended up adorable, yes, but in fear of his fate as cake topper…

Poor baby…He also looked too purple. I started over with the MMF and coloring, coming up with a happier result.

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